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Cabinet Hardware


Cabinet pulls have a big effect on the look of your kitchen. The style of your home and the mood you want to convey can both affect which pulls you choose. Here are some tips to help you choose cabinet pulls that can enhance cabinets in any room.

  • Consider how the materials will feel in the room. Cabinet knobs and pulls are mainly made from metal, glass, and crystal. With metal, you can choose cabinet pulls in nickel, pewter, chrome, stainless steel, and bronze in varying finishes, such as satin or oil rubbed.
  • Think about how they contrast with the cabinet doors. For instance, a dark matte color can contrast nicely with a light cabinet paint. Brushed nickel cabinet handles can set off a stained wood grain rather nicely. Silver stainless steel cabinet pulls and knobs look fabulous in a contemporary kitchen with dark cabinets.
  • Consider the shape. Cabinet pulls can be separated into cabinet handles and knobs, but some of the shapes can blur the lines between categories. Some cabinet knobs and handles are sleek and simple, while others include textured designs or flourishes. Shape can also affect the way light reflects off of your cabinet pulls, showing off colors and textures in the materials. Clean lines and geometric shapes work well in more modern spaces, while cabinet pulls with elegant details work well in traditional kitchens and baths. Cabinet hardware with designs like grapes or apples might work well in eclectic spaces.
  • Combine knobs and handles. Use knobs on upper cabinets and handles on lower cabinets and on drawers. Just be sure they are the same color, material, and finish. Not only will this add visual interest to your kitchen, but it will increase functionality, too.
  • Determine your budget and count cabinets. If you have a kitchen with many cabinets and drawers, the cost can add up quickly. Make sure to count how many you will need before you start shopping, so you won’t be surprised by the final price.