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Mud Room & Wet Bar

Revitalize your home with a purpose-driven mudroom, offering more than just coat hooks and shelves. Our customizable mudrooms feature practical elements like laundry hampers and craft spaces, ensuring a functional and organized space. Experience the convenience and comfort of a well-designed mudroom that not only keeps your home cleaner but also simplifies everyday life. Complementing this, our wet bars, equipped with a sink and running water, elevate your entertainment space, providing a stylish and functional addition for seamless hosting.

Mud Room

A mud room’s purpose is to give you and your family a place to take muddy shoes and coats off, clean and dry them, and put them away. Coat hooks and shelves are the basics, but adding customizable features like laundry hampers, craft spaces, or a sink can make your mud room the most practical space in the home. You will find that a functional mud room not only keeps the rest of your home cleaner, but makes everyday life much easier, and makes you feel more comfortable when you arrive home.

Wet Bar

A wet bar is a small bar used for mixing and serving alcoholic drinks that includes a sink and running water. This differs from a dry bar, which does not include a sink.  A wet bar increases functionality of the space for entertaining.